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A Single Bullet Fired In Anger; A Community Outraged By The Acquittal, And A Secret More Deadly Than The Crime . . .?He Confessed But Was Acquitted.? The Verdict Sent A Shockwave Through The Community

?I?m not making any accusations,? Gavin finally said.
?Well, it sounds like you?re pointing fingers at an awful lot of people,? the reporter said, ?from the entire original trial team to the new district attorney.?
?I?m not pointing fingers; I?m simply echoing what the community has been screaming for all along, justice. This isn?t about someone dropping the ball. Those boys lied, and got away with murder. They have the evidence against them. If I were in charge, I wouldn?t hesitate, and I?d guarantee a conviction. You can quote me on that.?

Samoan gang members, fired a fatal shot into the car of an innocent teenager. Tyler Tutuila confessed to police, but changed his story at the last minute. The gun disappeared, the jury was confused - it was enough for reasonable doubt. The acquittal gained national attention, and rocked the prosecutor?s office to its core.
Two years later the tragic memory has faded, until Gavin Brady, an ambitious young civil attorney, inadvertently receives a secret internal memo that stirs up puzzling questions about the original criminal trial. Gavin?s discovery threatens not only to reopen old wounds in the community, but expose a cover-up between the D.A.?s office and the police department.
The more Gavin digs into the past, the more perilous his own present becomes. Even his firm bows to the political pressure, and turns against him. Gavin?s pursuit turns into a fight for survival, blurring the line between justice and greed.

?Gripping legal thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat, a can?t-put-it-down must read....?- Wendy Ladd, journalism professor, Farmingdale State College.

?... Stone Grissom?s knowledge of the legal system shines ... a must-read for anyone who enjoys lots of twists and turns ...?-Susan Mustafa, co-author of The New York Times bestseller The Most Dangerous Animal of All-Searching for My Father and Finding the Zodiac Killer.

?Move over John Grisham and make room for Stone Grissom.?-Chris Hahn, syndicated radio host and national political analyst.

?... a skillfully crafted thriller ... Stone Grissom has truly mastered the art of suspenseful storytelling.?-Rich Everitt, author of Fallen Stars: Air Crashes That Killed Rock and Roll Heaven, and president of Medialine and Talentapes.

?Grissom is poised to be well on his way to rival the giants in the genre ... A Cry For Justice hits every mark.?-Andreas Kyprianou, former national marketing director, MGM, and professional script doctor.

?A Cry for Justice is an unforgettable, compelling story of power, greed, and the choices that we make. Once I started reading the book, I couldn?t put it down.?-Thomas McDermott, Jr., Mayor of Hammond Indiana.

?... smartly written ... breaching the mystery becomes an itch that must be scratched!?-Amy Miller, Host of Detroit Today, WDET.

? ... crackles with energy, suspense and young Gavin Brady?s passion for justice from the very first paragraph ... Ultimately, this book is a tale of redemption and forgiveness, set against the backdrop of the rain-soaked, pine-scented Pacific Northwest.?-Vicki Gruber, attorney and writing professor.

? ... as riveting and engrossing as any legal thriller ... Stone Grissom?s first-hand knowledge of the inner workings of the legal system ? both good and bad ? shine brightly through. A tremendous debut. Well done!?-Jason Schauer, civil trial attorney, Seattle, WA.