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This book is the first in the "Bridge the Gap" series and others to follow are derived from the topics taught during the Skills Development Workshops facilitated by the author in 2016. Look forward to reading other topics like, ?Interviewing from a Recruiter's Perspective?Interpersonal Skills?Communication Skills?Sales Skills That Win?Doing Business with Big Companies?Surviving Office Politics?Managing Your Boss?Leadership in Times of CrisisThere are many books that have been and will be written about resumes or CVs. The success of such material will always be relative to how relevant they are to job seekers, and how much they help applicants secure interview invitations.The format of the resume contained in this book has been prepared with great care to appeal to recruiters. Recruiters, after all, want to see information on resumes in a certain way and in a certain order. A lot of resumes are discarded by recruiters, or the software used for CV screening because they do not pass the basic test. job seekers do not have a guideline for what recruiters look for in their resumes, and so they fill up white spaces with irrelevant information. Unfortunately, there is no part of the undergraduate school curriculum that teaches this skill. For those who have the opportunity to attend a seminar or listen to an instructor in this area, the content is created to make money and is not detailed for the student to learn and do this by themselves. Some offer to do the resumes for a fee and do not do any knowledge transfer. This book shares real-life experience, provides a workable format, explains the sections and why you must include them, tells you what your CV is, and most importantly, what it's not, shares action words for use in your CV, and guarantees you an invitation to an interview within a few months of consistently using this format.There is also some advice for graduates with poor grades, as it would seem that this group of people has been completely ignored in other published materialI spent 2 years in the job market and made a lot of mistakes. Everything I learned in that time, and how I eventually got it right is contained here. With over 20 years as an employee, during which time I was also responsible for interviewing and hiring more than 100 candidates, I have captured this experience concisely and presented it in a practical and easy-to-replicate format. Undergraduates, National Youth Service Corps members, and job seekers will do well to study these principles and use the format documented here to produce their resumes and send to potential recruiters of advertised jobs. There are actual testimonies of individuals who have used this format (including mine!) and who received interview invitations within a few months, after years of trying other formats without success.You are on the path to your dream job?happy reading!