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Cassie has always used men. And why not? She is gorgeous, sweet, and extremely cute. Guys see her and they want to take care of her. Besides, manipulating men has never gotten her in trouble?until now. After a fight with her landlord, Cassie flees her apartment and runs into the arms of her ex-boyfriend. Little does she know, Nolan expected this to happen eventually so he?s ready for her. She always shows up when she needs something.

But this time is going to be different. He offers her a glass of wine, and before she knows what?s happened, the world starts to spin and she passes out.

When Cassie wakes up, she is strapped down. Manacles keep her wrists locked over her head while separate shackles keep her legs spread. A funnel gag keeps her from calling out for help. Cassie tries to stay calm. She tells herself this has to be some kind of joke or prank, but she?s wrong because this is actually the start of her new life.

A door opens, Nolan enters, and Cassie thinks she?s saved until he pulls out a knife and cuts away her clothes. One article at a time, he strips her and explains that she is going to be his slave from now on. And to facilitate her training, he is going to use a special drug. This compound, once administered, will give him twenty-four hours to use and play with her. Each act, no matter how humiliating or degrading, will become a fetish for her.

At first, Cassie can?t believe it. But then he starts to tease her and she finds herself drenched in sexual desire. Nolan starts small, tweaking her nipples, teasing her clit, but little by little, she finds herself more and more excited by the humiliation, by the act of submitting to her owner. As the hours pass, Nolan trains her to address him as Master and submit to every command he gives.

Every second ticks against her. If Cassie can?t find a way out soon, she?ll be his plaything forever.

Publisher's Note: A Dose of Slavery is a 23,000 word novella and contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable. BDSM themes include: bondage, slave training, dubious consent, humiliation, spanking, orgasm denial, ménage, behavioral modification, anal sex, teasing, and other forms of punishment.