AD 2170

AD 2170

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AD 2170.
In the year AD 2120, the skies permanently overcast due to global dimming, a rising sea level caused by the melted polar ice caps and the world?s glaciers caused world-wide flooding. With a populace of 53 billion the twelve members of the United Earth's Council were faced with a food problem. After a while they found a solution resulting in fatal and extraordinary consequences.

By 2170, in a world short of males, civil unrest had ensued, and the UEC?s Protector Force tried to subdue it, resulting in civil war, during which a mysterious, deadly virus broke out ... and the eventual death toll passed thirty billion.

Help to combat the virus was sought and Professor John Webb, of African birthright, was asked to find a cure, and after coming close to discovering the cause of the virus he narrowly escaped death, after which he was forced to embark on a journey over land and sea with his children and his three wives; two of which were telepathic and played havoc daily with the poor man?s libido.

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