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My first story is about a Mobster named Billy-Bag-A-Donuts. One day he will walk into a Bank which in turn will change the lives of many people. Numerous Henchmen will fall in a Gunfight between FBI, Police and 12 Ruthless Notorious Mobsters. Men both Good and Bad will go to War over a Bag of Stolen Money.
A ball of black ash will rise in Human Form Behind every Dead Mobster, in the middle of a street named Will after a Deadly Gunfight. This Gunfight, in turn, Gave this Street infamy that it will one day truly deserve. Billy-Bag-A-Donuts and 11 Gunslingers will never find peace on the other side. Not until whatever lived beneath the asphalt allowed them too?
Billy will continue to come back from that place on the other side. A place where they buried him and 11 Henchmen. A Place where they Bury Bad, Homeless and Undesirable Men. A place that Evil Men know as the Devil's Playground. A place where the Devil Must Wait for the Wicked. We know it as the Pauper's Graveyard.
A Dark Fantasy about a Mobster, FBI Agents, a Heartless Gunfight, Pauper's Graveyard, Laughing Hyena, Eleven Hooded Henchmen, and endless ghosts. A Nightclub as infamous as the Mobster that frequented the Club. And of course, the Infamous Mobster that made it all happen.

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