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A Weaponized Virus A Thousand Times Worse Than Ebola. There'S No Vaccine, No Cure And No Stopping It.

In the waning days of WWII, Japan's last hope sinks to the bottom of the sea when a U.S. Destroyer attacks the submarine carrying its new superbug. A lifetime later, it kills people on a remote Philippine island. The CDC's Dr. Kristin St John thinks the outbreak is contained but Russian educated virologist turned terrorist Rishad Zharmakhan obtains a sample to unleash in American cities. Kristin tries to stop a missile strike on Zharmakhan's lab, fearing it might disperse the virus rather than destroying it, but it's too late. Now mutated into an unimaginably virulent strain, hundreds, then thousands are dying.

Mishaps, Blunders And Unintended Consequences Produce An Unimaginable Apocalyptic Nightmare. Is The End Of Human Kind Finally At Hand?

"G Dedrick Robinson has created an apocalyptic story of an unimaginable nightmare unleashed by man himself. The story takes us around the globe as the unrelenting Blood Scourge takes its toll on humanity. Be prepared for an edge of your seat ride."--Victor Grippi, Hollywood screenwriter and Author of The Butterfly Virus

?An intriguing tale of a deadly virus that hits the world. A page-turner, impossible to put down ? on a solid scientific basis.? Clemens P. Suter, Author of Two Journeys, Celeterra and Heavenland

?In Blood Scourge, Mr. Robinson paints a frightening picture of bio-terrorism taken to the extreme. Starting in the final days of the second World War, he meticulously plants the seeds of a global catastrophe before he starts tightening the screws, building up to a crescendo of disaster and hope that will keep you turning pages long into the night. The heroes are strong and the villains are pure evil, yet they are all grounded in reality. These people could be real. Blood Scourge is a must read!?William Esmont ? Author of Self Arrest, Fire and The Patriot Paradox

"An excellent book that combines medical investigative techniques, and wonderful character development. This one will keep you reading!"--Bill Clem ? Author of Microbe, Immortal, They All Fall Down, Skin Deep, Bliss, Presidential Donor, Medicine Cup, Replica and Diencephalon

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