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Bonking Billy?s Thailand Diary (Part I) reached No.1 in Amazon?s bestseller list under the Asia category within a couple of days of its release, so there better be Part II out to the people who bought it as quickly as possible, so here it is.

Bonking Billy Essex has been coming to Thailand for a long time now and although he is realistic enough to realize he will never understand the mysteries of the Far East, he sure knows how to have a good time.Bonking Billy unashamedly visits Thailand and Pattaya for the bars, the girls and the infamous nightlife that throbs and pulsates beneath the flashing neon lights of one of the wildest cities in the world. Billy couldn?t tell you much about the history or culture of the country he loves so much; he doesn?t know a chedi from a wihaan, prefers fish and chips to exotic Thai cuisine and thinks that karma is some kind of an Indian curry. But boy; does he know his way around the night-streets.Peter Jaggs has written several best-selling books about Thailand and Pattaya and he rescued the dog-eared, torn copy of Bonking Billy?s Thailand Diary he found scrawled in an exercise book from where it had been discarded behind a wardrobe in a cheap hotel room. At once, the author recognized that the jumbled, almost illegible tome was not just the hilarious, drunken ramblings of a sex-crazed, hedonistic libertine, but also a brutally accurate historical account of the characters, attitudes and ways of a city that in the early years of the new millennium was finally in its death throes as possibly the craziest place on earth. Jaggs tweaked Bonking Billy?s Thailand Diary a little, changed a few names of places and people to protect the guilty, and the result is an extraordinary journal that gives the reader an accurate and amusing insight into the Pattaya of days gone by; at a time when the city was just coming to the end of its reign as one of the raunchiest destinations ever known to man.

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