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Alright, folks, so let's lay the groundwork for what a bridge page is, and why you might want to use one. So, with traditional non-email affiliate marketing, you generally be doing something like the following, you'd go out there and you choose an affiliate offer, you get your link for it. And then you go create content on the web, or you pay for ads, all with the intention of driving traffic to your affiliate link, and to that offer, right. And then you'd sit back in hopes of making some sales and commissions from at least a small percentage of that traffic. Traffic that you worked really hard and really long for, or that you spent a good chunk of money on. And that last part, there is the concern that led to the development of the bridge page concept. You see, if you're sending traffic directly from your traffic sources, and remember, this is non-email traffic we're talking about, if you're sending traffic directly to the offer, you're basically wasting a ton of effort, or money. Even if you're making sales and even if you're profitable with those campaigns, there's still so much left on the table that you can never get back. Because the vast majority of that traffic that you worked so hard to produce and to drive will not buy. We already know that, right? The vast majority of people will go to a sales page and leave without buying, they'll leave the offer page and you'll never see them again. And the idea behind the bridge page is that's your traffic, you worked hard for it, you put in the hours or the effort creating content to drive it or you invested your money to pay for that traffic. So, it's not right that 97% of it should just disappear off into the [sp] ether.

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