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"...Action packed, fast paced, and engaging; you will be looking over your shoulder wondering how much of your DNA is actually your own."-Atul Kumar, MD, author of Seven Patients.

A Geology Student Stumbles Onto a Plot to Control Human Evolution.

Geology student David Lambert becomes unwittingly involved in a clandestine conspiracy following the discovery of soft tissue in a dinosaur bone. Enduring scathing criticism of their findings, David's mentor Dr. Marcia Shelly pairs him with an alluring journalist to investigate the black-listing of scientists who buck the evolution paradigm. With BBC reporter Murphy Salas, David learns that researchers have been discredited, even murdered to keep evidence that challenges Darwinism out of the public eye. As the scheme unfolds, they find that concealing such evidence is just the tip of the iceberg. Biotechnology that alters human DNA is being deployed for a horrendous purpose. David Lambert unites with an improbable team that faces mortal danger as they attempt to expose the menacing plot and prevent the genocide of the planet's most vulnerable citizens. David also discovers the shocking truth about Murphy Salas and Marcia Shelly, and his world is forever changed.

"... great skill in building irresistible characters and intriguing story lines. A breath of fresh air in the thriller genre. Pick it up only when you have time to finish."- Thomas H. Wolfe, Attorney and Writer "

... a masterful suspense tale that keeps you engaged from the first page to the last... Wow I can't wait for his next book. "-Jacqueline Druga, author of The Flu, Dust, Sealed In, and dozens of other novels .

"...the Da Vinci Code for creationists... a highly enjoyable and thought-provoking thriller... [has] all the ingredients to keep you hooked from the beginning...You may not accept all the conclusions, but you will be thoroughly entertained."-Orson Wedgewood, Author of Deadly Medicine and Origins of Life.