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The main purpose of the Doctor's Guide is to aid the patient through the process of psychotherapy. It provides the opportunity to explore life from a different vantage point while maintaining their current vantage point. The exploration of life from a different vantage point is an opportunity to see the patient's own world in a way different from the way that they currently see it or are bound by it. There is not a requirement to change vantage points or to do anything differently than that usually done. However, the opportunity is presented to approach current issues from a fresh starting point. Return to the original vantage point that may have brought them into therapy is never blocked and is the choice of the patient at any time. Further, this Guide is to be studied between psychotherapy sessions as well as during the sessions themselves. Questions may present as the Guide is studied that can be explored during therapy sessions. The overall purpose is to enhance the psychotherapy experience by immersing the patient in its basic principles and allowing for consideration on a more global basis thus reducing the amount of actual treatment time and expense. Use this material to enhance yourself. Share it with those close to you and be not discouraged by difficulties encountered within yourself or by those with whom you share this work. This represents a different way of thinking about ourselves within our own world and can be the source of some personal and other discomfort. I don't do therapy; I am therapy.