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Meet Tony and Ellie - the second of three hot couples from Kris Pearson?s New Zealand Heartlands Series.
In this heart-wrenching holiday romance, a devastating fire ruins school-teacher Ellie McKenna?s rented apartment. She urgently needs a temporary home and a few weeks? work to get her life back on track. A short term Christmas contract tutoring twin daughters on a huge coastal farm sounds ideal ? until, too late, she meets the billionaire owner.
Ellie?s dream job turns into her worst nightmare once she discovers the man she?ll be working for is her long-ago holiday fling. He gave her the hottest memories of her life ? and a son he knows nothing about. Now she?s trapped on beautiful Wharemoana Estate, torn away from her wonderful boy while she tries to resist his still-so-tempting father.
Tony Robinson is grieving and guilt-stricken after the slow death of his unsuitable wife. He?s shocked to see the temporary teacher is the beautiful holiday lover he?s never forgotten? that he?s been given a second chance to romance the woman he should never have lost touch with. To his displeasure he finds that although their fierce attraction still rages red-hot, she?s determined to keep him out of her life.
Ellie fights him any way she can, but Tony is so much more of a man now ? and could undoubtedly steal Callum away with his wealth and power. She knows he?d love a son after having two daughters. An older son who?s the absolute image of him. Concealing her secret baby?s existence gets harder and harder as the long summer days grind by.
WARNING: The earth definitely moves ? in more ways than one.

CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY HEARTS is the second in Kris Pearson?s standalone Heartlands trilogy. Set in the spectacular rural scenery of New Zealand, these novels take you to faraway places where real men and women seek lasting love ? sometimes against daunting odds. If you enjoy romance that leaps off the page ? funny, furious and feel-good ? then download this sizzling hot story now ? and be sure to read the other two ? MELTING HER HEART and COWBOY WANTS HER HEART.

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