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Where is the world going? And why is it doing that?

A lot of books looking at the incoming waves of the future get starry-eyed about technology. This one takes a broader view of social change, framing the world we see taking shape in terms of two mindsets that are pulling in different directions.

The internet has given us communication beyond borders. That has acted as an accelerator, bringing people together to grow ideas, movements and projects.

The crowd mindset sees opportunities for combining the best of our skills, energy and resources to make things happen.

The control mindset sees the familiar patterns of society crumbling, and its own place at the top of the heap threatened, and responds by trying to enforce more structure.

The book is a collection of short articles blending perspective, compassion, humour, and fierce frustration at why things aren't better yet. Tim Gray introduces the cultural forces of crowd and control then looks at different facets of the fluid world taking shape around us, including technology, climate and resources, work, business, political power, media and health.

'Crowd/Control' is not just about playing with ideas. It's about informing social change and personal development. We are in a time when our self-created problems are building up to bring us low, and the root cause is thinking and habits that no longer serve us.

We are in the process of choosing between the upward path and the downward path, consciously or not. This book is about helping you see more clearly where to put your allegiance and your energy.