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Readers who were born before 1990 are facing the risk of professional extinction. You might not be aware of it yet, but your days as management dinosaurs are numbered. You are not a native internet user, remember life before the invention of the smartphone and possibly embarrass yourself on the social networks without noticing. The arrival of the Homo millennial forces you to reinvent yourself, if they want to retain your place at the peak of the food chain.Even that will not help you ultimately, should you continue to work for Dinosaur Inc. If your company is doomed, your career will not fare any better. This book allows you to determine, whether you work for such a fossil and how to move your company out of the Jurassic period into the digitization age. Employers prefer native users of digital technologies and do not hesitate to weed out relics like us. Having read this book, you will be able to reposition your career as well as your company.The easily usable Dinosaur Quotient test in this book allows allows you to understand, how your own survival chances in the digitization age are and which action steps you can take to improve your career prospects. Another test computes the Millennium Quotient (MQ) of your company based on five dimensions. Depending on the result, concrete action steps for your company and for your personal career are proposed.The author: Martin Fritsch is a successful Top Manager from a Fortune 500 company, currently serving as CFO in the logistics industry. After obtaining his PhD. in Business Administration, his career as an investment banker and venture capitalist led him to numerous locations in North America and Europe. In this entertaining book, he provides the reader with easy to remember rules, garnished with numerous practical examples. Written especially for managers at all levels, the information is equally relevant for other readers, who want to understand how our world is changing.Initially published in German by SpringerNature.