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This trilogy focuses on different stories with the same theme: Fallen Dreams... something all of us have had to face in life.

When Gods Fail:
The fallen dreams of civilization, as Tom finds himself facing the end of man...
On a spelunking trip, Tom finds himself trapped when a series of earthquakes seal the cave entrance. Weeks later he pulls himself out. There is nothing to be seen for miles but ashes. A forest fire? He keeps walking until he finds a sign of civilization. But what he gets is more than he bargained for, and he soon realizes that nothing will be the same as he struggles to survive.
This novella takes a realistic look at an ordinary man who has to come to grips with a post-apocalyptic world. He tries to build some good for himself, pull the world forward in a new proper way, but he soon realizes that in a fight for survival, he cannot do what he wants. What he discovers instead is something that will horrify him and change him forever.

Satan's Plea:
The fallen dreams of the Prince of Darkness who only wants freedom to expand his mind. God, simply put, doesn't. The battle between good and evil, God and Satan. A fight older than time. But is everything we know about this struggle just a matter of propaganda? Satan, Lucifer, the Devil, Shaytan sure thinks so. In this letter he tries to convince the human race, you, of his intentions. They are pure. Everything that was blamed on him was done as a smokescreen to cover more sinister motives. He tells us his version of the story to settle his mind and the injustices in this world once and for all.

Kill Writer:
The fallen dreams of a soldier?patriotic, proud?when he finds policy colliding with what he believes... Jim is a soldier in the most elite unit in the American military. Cleans up his country's enemies. He loves it, loves working on his own, loves that he's good at it, loves that he's cleaning up the world one bad guy at a time. One day he's handed a mission: easy kill. He stares at the folder. He knows the man. A friend. This isn't right. He sets out to discover the truth and realizes that he is asking the wrong questions. When he asks the right questions he learns too much about himself, his country, and the ideals he cherishes in life.

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