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Survivor of Physical & Sexual Abuse Seeks to Uncover the Mystery Behind His Babysitter?s Disappearance

Forrest Canutt?s new book, ?Forrest?s Shame?, provides an autobiographical grim glimpse into physical and sexual abuse, and its destructive aftermath. Canutt?s book details the mysterious disappearance of his abused childhood babysitter, his resulting tumultuous life, and the tragic death of his own son.
San Francisco, CA September 28, 2012 ? After more than three decades, visions of a traumatic day from his childhood came flooding to the forefront of Forrest Canutt?s memory. Details of a horrific event that had been repressed were now clear in his mind. He was five years old, and his 12-year-old babysitter was with him. A man appeared in the room and life was never the same again. Canutt tells his story in ?Forrest?s Shame.?
In ?Forrest?s Shame? and the included companion, ?All About Janet,? Canutt details exactly what he saw and experienced the day that his babysitter disappeared. It began with the man raping his babysitter as she pleaded with Canutt to run outside and escape. He ran into his uncles, thinking they could help, but instead they joined in on the abuse. The ordeal went on and on, and Canutt himself was also repeatedly abused. When it was all done, Canutt and his babysitter knew they would not be left alive. Canutt?s last vision of his babysitter was when she was being driven away in a pickup truck with two of her abusers.
?Forrest?s Shame? continues to detail the life of Forrest Canutt?lived in the wake of horror. He tells his story about a life of drugs, murder, missing persons, lies and betrayal, years of vicious abuse, unsolved mysteries, heartbreak and loss, truths that push the envelope of belief, becoming whole, and the pursuit of justice. Canutt speaks to the reader as a confidante. The pain, honesty, and yearning for truth come through on every page, and most especially as he tells the story of his deceased son.
Despite the dark and painful subject matter, Canutt hopes his book can bring some light. ?I think that reading this book may help people who have suffered abuse cope with their past, by learning that others have lived through similar atrocities,? shares the author. ?I also hope it will help those who have not experienced such tragedies to have compassion for the abused, the have-nots, the down trodden, and the suffering.?
Canutt also reveals that he is still looking for his childhood babysitter, whom he believes was murdered. Not only does he hope to find her body, he hopes to find out about her short life. He has spent years piecing together facts with the hopes of finding her and finally finding closure on the tragic events of his young life that have continued to influence him to the present day.

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