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Vicki's simple trip to New York takes a sinister turn when a strange mist envelopes them and one of her friends mysteriously disappears.


As Heloise filled cups, Vicki and Belinda got into the spirit of the moment by imagining a fictional romantic encounter for Martha up in the doorman?s loft. They we?re all laughing uncontrollably when the fog rolled into the courtyard. It appeared so quickly and so thickly that those that weren?t sitting down couldn?t find their chairs.

?I?ve never seen a fog like this,? exclaimed Vicki. ?I can?t see my hand in front of my face.?

?I hope this blows through quickly,? said Heloise, ?or we won?t be able to find our way back into the hotel. I have no idea which way the entrance is from here.?

For several minutes the ladies groped for their friends in the fog, looking for all the world like group of blind mimes searching for something they?d lost.

Suddenly, a chilly breeze blew through the courtyard, taking the fog with it. Once the fog dissipated, the warm evening air returned and the ladies regained their composure, briefly.

?Martha,? called Lucy, ?where?s Martha??

The women looked at each other and then moved around the small courtyard looking in any conceivable hiding spot. However, it became clear very quickly that Martha was no longer with them.

?And the cakes!? cried Lucy noticing the empty spot on the table where the plate that held the cup cakes had been just a few minutes ago. ?Vicki, this isn?t funny anymore,? she said threateningly. ?What have you done with them??

?Just a minute!? Heloise?s voice had the pitch of control in it. ?Right now we?re looking for Martha. Lucy, you check your room and see if she?s there. Wanda, we?ll go with you and find this lover boy doorman, although, unless he can control the weather, I suspect he knows as much as we do.? With that, the ladies set out with a purpose. Although they were all a bit shaken, they still believed there would be a simple explanation for Martha?s disappearance. That faith would soon be tested.
Gathering back in the lobby, there were shaking heads all around. ?She hasn?t been back to the room,? declared Lucy. ?It looks just like when we left.?

?And Romeo knows nothing at all, he was chatting up the desk clerk when the fog rolled in,? said Heloise.

?Should we be calling the police?? asked Vicki.

?Of course we should,? an agitated Lucy almost screamed. ?And we should do it now!?
They got the desk clerk to call 9-1-1 for them and Heloise took over from there.

?Emergency operator, what is your name and your problem??

?My name is Heloise, we?re visiting the city and we?re missing one of our group,? said Heloise. ?We were having a bit of a party in the hotel courtyard when an incredibly dense fog rolled through. When it passed, Martha was no longer with us. We?ve checked her room and rest of the hotel, but she seems to have completely disappeared.?

?Does she have anywhere to go in New York?? came the calm response.

?I don?t think so. Lucy, does Martha know anyone here she would visit??

?No one in New York,? replied Lucy.

The operator obviously heard the response because she asked for the name of the hotel and said a detective would be there shortly.

Within half an hour a police car pulled up in front of the hotel and the doorman ushered Detective D?Grade into the lobby. Heloise was the first to get up and introduce herself. ?Thank you for coming so quickly.? she said.

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