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Have you had troubles defining or identifying your goals and structuring them into what you need them to be? Have you sat tirelessly by your thinking table in doubt on whether your goals can be achievable, or if they were in fact possible at all?
Well, believe me, it happens to be a common problem to most of us. I have coached and heard people say things like; ?I planned it all through, but it just never works out?. Or ?I had a dream to be this, and be that, but it just never felt right for me?, which only makes them suffer internally with and from the guilt of not being able to achieve what they had planned to.
I have to tell you...?Goals are achievable, no matter how huge they might seem, or tough and seemingly impossible you might think them to be?.
I?d use a perfect example through this book, taking an extract from a movie I saw about ?Pelle? documentary. I mean the legendary Brazilian footballer we all at least might have heard his name often whether we enjoy football or not.
He had a goal to win the World cup for his country, on the back of Brazil never winning it before, and in fact being the possibly worst country in terms of football at the time he made the pledge to himself and his father. To you all who know the story, and have seen the documentary, you?d know Pelle went on to win not just ?One?, not ?Two?, but ?THREE?, World Cup Trophies for his country.
Now, that?s a goal brought to life from the reaches and beliefs of an impossible world.
So now, which of you think your goals or goal isn?t achievable? Well, this book is here to give you a good and positive kick in the behind and get you thinking straight on how to get the dreams and goals become a reality.
While setting goals, it is essential we know certain things while has helped me over the years, and is still helping me till date.

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