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While her husband Tim works on the oil rigs of Borneo, Sherry is left alone in Singapore. She fills in her time by studying yoga with a guru who has very definite ideas about what makes a woman. She will have to learn to be sexy all over again, and her friend Ranji soon has her playing magic flutes all over town.
But what will Tim do when he finds out what she has been doing? Will he send her away, or train her to be the wife he wants?


Tim and Sherry are a married couple from England who have lost that spark in their love lives. Sherry insists on single beds between the two. Tim spends his time away on oil rigs while Sherry stays behind. Then Sherry meets a Yoga Guru who has his own idea of what a woman should look like and how she should act. When Tim returns home and realizes that Sherry has been spending her time with other men, he kidnaps her and holds her as his prisoner on an island. There he will begin to teach her how his wife will be.

Jacqueline George has a great way of writing a novel.. It?s like being lost in a movie, you can actually feel yourself in the jungle, on the beach, in England, in Asia, Jacqueline is great at detail. I recommend you have a vivid imagination and you don?t blush too easily to read this story. It?s one written to not only turn the characters on, but the readers as well. The love scenes have such detail and passion behind every word. I was impressed with this book and I?m sure you will be too. If you are a Jacqueline George fan you will really love this book, if not then it?s a perfect book to start with! Long Plum Whipped Cream Reviews

Love and Wild Times
Smart, Interesting ANND Sexy!

I was really impressed with Jacqueline George's new novel, Her Master's Voice. She brought together so many different aspects of life, and with such ease. It seemed so natural. I felt as though I was watching a movie taking place in areas I could only dream of visiting. It is still true that foreign adventures seem much sexier, and the whole atmosphere adds a perfect backdrop to the story.
Sherry and Tim, a couple from England, seem to have lost their fire. Their marriage is still intact, but they need others to help them spice up their love life: that's where we meet a plethora of characters that are unforgettable. Ranji is the beautiful and vivacious Indian friend of Sherry's, who just so happens to teach her a thing or two about oral sex, which is sure to drive her husband mad. Alistair is the Malay prince, who has a very healthy sex drive, and who ultimately adopts the couple and brings them much closer together. There are far too many convincing and interesting characters to mention!
Overall, I still believe that Jacqueline writes stories with such interesting plots, and such beautiful detail, that I find myself not even realizing that I am reading something classified as erotic. I recommend this book to anyone who seeks a little adventure in their lives.
Reviewer: Kyo ~ Love and Wild Times

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