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Teens: How do you get your parents to hear you, take you seriously and prepare for your future? How to Raise Respectful Parents is your guide for how to do both.

Parents: Does your teen tune you out? Do you wonder how to communicate so they more easily tune in? How to Raise Respectful Parents is your guide to improved teen communication.

How to Raise Respectful Parents is a teen?s guide to navigating adult culture by equipping teens with communication skills. Each chapter introduces a new communication skill by using real world examples and conversations between parents and teens. Teens will feel empowered as they try their new communication skills at home, school and work, laying a foundation for entering adulthood. These skills empower teens while enticing parents to read and practice the relationship building and communication skills outlined in the book. Teens will learn how to grow meaningful, more satisfying relationships with their parents through sample conversations and communication exercises about popular teen subjects including homework, driving, friends, dating, social media and more. Tips are also included for helping teens deal with adult culture.
?Teens, this book tells you what you need to know to manage your parents, yourself, and difficult situations with skills that will serve you well throughout your life.? -Sharon R. Carter, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Life and Executive Coach, Pagosa Springs, CO.

"Laura Reagan has produced an excellent guide to assist teens in developing good relationships with parents. She teaches skills that are not only valuable, but can be mastered with practice. She does not avoid difficult scenarios but provides down-to-earth guidance in navigating such situations." -Chad Richardson, PhD., University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Edinburg, TX; Author of Batos, Bolillos, Pochos y Pelados.

"Through homework hassles and communication issues, Reagan's strategies will help teens and parents build better futures together."-Susan Valverde, National Supplemental Education Expert, Baltimore, MD.

"YES! The title declares an under-utilized view and approach in the sphere of family interpersonal dynamics. Teens most definitely have a role in guiding their parents' development. I am grateful my parents were open to this when I was growing up. Thank you, Laura, for this amazing reminder of what's possible when you lead with love."-Bobby Jasso, Singer-Songwriter/Actor, Los Angeles, CA.

"This book provides hands-on advice and action steps for teens to create positive relationships with their parents. Reagan's insights will help you build the connection you're searching for!"-Jake Heilbrunn, teen author of Off the Beaten Trail.