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Jack & Jill

By chance, by accident or by design, many events can occur during pregnancy, potentially causing irregular if not devastating consequences in newborns. Some are; the mother-to-be having a bad fall or consuming alcohol or drugs, moderately or to excess, or abuse in all its many forms, physical or emotional. The list goes on and on. Is it necessary the by-products of any or all of those events result in wholly negative repercussions? Meet Jack and Jill.

The twins were born with abilities that set them apart from all other children. Without a father on the scene from day one, and now, due to one of the?no?make that, due to THE final disastrous event, no mother, they were separated at birth. Jill was fortunate enough to be immediately adopted by a loving couple. Jack, waiting for an adoption that never came, entered the foster care system. Despite their separation, they grew up close to one another, their abilities gaining in strength with each passing year.

At 12, tragedy struck Jill and she found herself in the same group home where Jack resided, The Randolph House. After nearly two years she was lucky enough to be placed with a family of four. The older child, Joey Jones, a dour, aimless college sophomore becoming addicted to heroin purchased from Jasper Johnson, an evil man with three equally evil cohorts, witnesses Jasper murder a man. Joey flees, only to have Jasper track him down and threaten his entire family, including Jill. The only problem for Jasper and his crew is never having come up against the likes of Jack and Jill and their unique powers, despite their young age.

As the twins become teenagers, they face the typical problems that plague all our youth; love, romance, rivalries, bullying, all while fighting off the lethal aspirations of a band of drug dealers, rapists and murderers, concluding with one perilous final assault.

Sprinkled throughout the present day story are reports from Joyce Whitaker, the twin?s social worker who has been with them since their birth. She details important events through the years that demonstrate the twin?s growth and development and abilities, forever in a quandary as to how much of their story to tell, their protection and privacy her number one goal.

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