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Have you ever pondered life beyond the one that we live on this earth? What does living for eternity mean for you as a Christian? Is there more to it than just existing for a short time and then dying?
These are questions that must have entered everyone?s mind at one time or another, but being so busy with the challenges of life, it is often relegated to the shelf, to be looked at and evaluated at a much later time. The dilemma is determining how much time we have.
The ultimate aim for Christians is to get to Heaven and be in the presence of our God Almighty for all eternity, but not everyone is granted a pass into the Kingdom. We need to begin sowing treasures in Heaven by living a life on earth that is befitting of a Christian. This is simpler than most of us imagine. We do not have to be rich or famous. We only need to bear in mind that we will not get to Heaven by our works here on earth but by putting out trust in the finished works of Jesus.
In this book, Matthew provides us with simple ways on how to prepare for our life in eternity. He reminds us that God?s grace is a favor that He bestowed on us at salvation, therefore, we are to release it to others as well. How do we put this into practice? We need to learn how to consistently be Christ to others and to tell people about Heaven?s perfect love story.
Living with eternity in mind is the way we are meant to live. It will change our outlook about almost everything. We can see the impact that we can make if we think beyond ourselves and live a day to day life that represents Christ to those who do not know Him.

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