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Her Story Was So Patriotic And She Was So Gorgeous That They Silenced The Warning Bells That Started Clanging The Instant She Asked Me To Find Her Brother, Sergeant William Steiner, A Green Beret Who Disappeared Forty Years Ago While On Patrol In The Central Highlands Of Vietnam.

It was almost too late before I realized my client was a Janus. But by then I was beginning to realize, Sondra Wilkerson wasn?t the only one-eyed face card in the marked deck I was playing with. I went all over the world to find William Steiner, declared Missing in Action during the Vietnam War, including trekking through the jungle of Vietnam?s Central Highlands. Before I found Steiner, I became a person of interest in four murders and came close to becoming the fifth victim.

I looked through the rear window and saw both men jump out of the Citroen and begin firing.
The rear window exploded, and I both felt and heard the rounds hitting the car. We were the proverbial sitting ducks in a shooting gallery.
Xuan Trang grunted, and I looked at him and saw his right shoulder had turned a crimson color. A round sounding like an angry bee passed close by my left ear and turned the windshield into a giant spider web.

?Looking for Steiner is another Preston stunner. A complex and thrilling combination of mystery, adventure, exotic locales and fascinating characters, the intricacies and divided loyalties and motives associated with Vietnam in the sixties are brought to brilliant light. It is a story that draws the reader in and never lets go. Moreover, Jason Dermott is simply a terrific character to spend time with - smart, shrewd, relentless, and wonderfully ironic. Let's have more!?- Hank Luce, author of A Darkness in the Pines.

?I had Preston Holtry, writing under the pen name Wayne Preston, categorized as a really good western mystery writer. Now I am delighted to see that he can weave a gripping story that takes place in modern times. Looking for Steiner is, in my opinion, the best of Preston?s novels I?ve read. Plot is the author?s forte, and the twists and turns of a modern investigator?s quest to find out what happened to an American soldier last seen in the jungle during the Vietnam War will keep the reader guessing until the surprising climax.?- Charles Hayes, author of Ladies Don?t Wrestle.

?Preston treats us to another gritty page-turner that?s hard to put down in Looking for Steiner. The search for a missing Green Beret sergeant takes readers into the jungles of Southeast Asia, where danger lurks in many forms. Nothing is what it seems, and with each layer private investigator Jason Dermott peels back, he finds himself in greater peril. Holtry delivers big time with a rapid-paced thrill ride, captivating characters and vivid images of exotic settings. The truth is uncovered thousands of miles from where the search begins. I look forward to reading Dermott?s next adventure soon.?- Steve Brigman, author of The Orphan Train and The Old Wire Road.