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This e-book is about bullying. It provides a proposal how the problem should be tackled from the point of view of someone who has been bullied for a long time by several groups of bullies. It also addresses some commonplaces which impede recognizing that someone is in trouble.


1. Introduction
2. Morality, society, and law
3. Proposal: Mentors and Students concept
4. Not able to cope
5. Psychology and psychiatry
6. Grace
7. About me

Even though the core part it is about students, this e-book tries to address the bullying penomenon in general:

The work discusses the usual definition of bullying and points out its flaws. Then it provides a more appropriate definition. It asks whether bullying is present/mentioned in some way in the Holy Scriptures, The Tanakh, The Bible and The Qur'an, and shows why bullying is a new dimension of evil. One reason for bullying is the ''idolized right of physical inviolability'', which can be used as a shelter by the bully. This actually means that granting this right -- as in Western societies -- makes it more likely that bullying occures, questioning the moralic basics of our societies.

After that, the text briefly mentions the problems induced by the social environment of a student, and then, the Mentors and Students concept is introduced and discussed. It features a list of 10 items supposed to guide a mentor to provide students a way out of their trouble. The discussion includes topics like ''Should racists be excluded from being a mentor'', ''Is the Mentors and Students conpect unconstitutional'' or ''What if someone wants to become another TJ Lane or Dylan Klebold?''

Then, it discusses some common attitudes towards people giving emegency signals and why we should refrain from expecting them to ''cope''. It also gives some opinion why psychology/psychiatry is actually not that good in dealing with this kind of problems. The next chapter gives 10 reasons asking for grace for those who did nasty things as an act of desperation because of being bullied ...

Warning: This text includes points of view differing very much from usual ones.