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In April 2014, the very first travel book about Oranjemund, the secret town in the Sperrgebiet, was published in a print edition. Since founding of a worker?s camp in 1928, visitors could only travel to Oranjemund with a special permit. In 2011, it was proclaimed as a Namibian town, and the 80 km gravel road through the Sperrgebiet will be tarred soon.
Visitors from all over the world will travel Oranjemund in the near future and use the travel book as a broad information, including a town map, a list of restaurants and places of interest.

?Oranjemund ? A Journey through history and past? is an unique travel book about the history of the diamond funds, the life of people in the old times as well as the development of Oranjemund into a modern and open town.

A broad part of the book shows rare artifacts of the historic diamond era in the Oranjemund Museum. Unique documents like shopping lists from Kolmanskuppe and the very first maps of the Sperrgebiet enlighten the live of the people in old times.
Namdeb provides an overview about the development into modern times, while the first elected Mayor of Oranjemund, Hon. Henry Coetzee, composed an official ?Message from the Mayor? for the unique travel book. Additionally, exciting and funny stories about old and modern times make this book fascinating for readers from all over the world that?s why its no available as ebook for the first time.

Author Konny von Schmettau is a journalist and tour guide (?Made in Germany?) who lives in Swakopmund. She publishes travel books under the title ?Auf Pad mit Konny? (On the road with Konny) as well as historical books, like ?120 Years Swakopmund -The Official Yearbook? (together with Peter Brüggemann).
Her aim is, not only to educate, but also to entertain her readers. Amongst historical backgrounds, factual information and tips for travelers, lots of fascinating and amusing stories make her books unique.

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