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An arranged marriage, an abusive family, a dream of freedom in America just out of reach....
After Meg Westmoreland?s father mysteriously dies when she?s a small child, her life quickly spirals out of control. Her mother is mean and manipulative, her uncle abusive in a way Meg won?t even speak of. Getting away from them becomes an obsession. When she discovers she?s been promised to a wealthy American, she?ll do whatever she must to flee the only home she?s ever known in Southampton, hoping for a new life in America and a chance to start over, even if it means leaving behind the wealthy, high-society life she?s grown accustomed to.

For most of his life, Charles Ashton has known that his father arranged for him to marry Meg. Even though the temptations of being young and rich beckon him, he believes in keeping promises. However, his attempts at meeting Meg are thwarted at every turn, and eventually, Charlie begins to wonder if Meg even exists at all.

Ultimately, destiny?s plan will be revealed and their worlds will collide aboard a passenger liner named Titanic. Prelude reveals how Meg and Charlie came to find themselves aboard the most famous ship in history and asks the question--can you control your own fate?

Prelude is a prequel to Titanic (Ghosts of Southampton Book 1).