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Do you know Wolfie's laws? I don't think so because I just made them up!

Wolfie?s Law # 1
If a secret surveillance or spying is technically possible, it will happen. Why? Because voyeurism is human nature and there is nothing more appealing to IT-specialists than to find things others not even have lost!
Wolfie?s Law # 2
A secret surveillance or spying is the more intensive the harsher and more restrictive data security laws in this country are. Why? Nothing is more appealing than forbidden fruits!
Wolfie?s Law # 3
Most of the inhabitants of this planet don?t fight secret surveillance or spying. Why? Because they are human sheep who aren?t disturbed by these practices as little as animalistic sheep fights shearing, having the misguided opinion they?ve got nothing to hide!
Wolfie?s Law # 4
The louder a whistleblower like Snowden blows his horn, the tighter human sheep cover their ears. Why? Because they cherish their quiet and their slogan is: ?What the eye does not see, the heart does not grieve over!?

Louis Abolafia, a legendary hippie leader, conducted his election campaign in 1968 stark naked using the slogan: "What have I got to hide?" Do you, too, belong to these mental exhibitionists? Do you, too, share your most intimate thoughts, pictures, clips, videos voluntarily with the rest of the world?

Then DO NOT buy this booklet. It's wasted money FOR YOU !!!

But if ever you want to keep your privacy private - In this booklet I?ll show you how to do it in a jiffy!
Just using two freeware programs to encrypt and hide your data with a mouse click and so securely no hacker or secret service of this planet will ever crack your data. Promised - if you follow my instructions in this booklet to the letter!

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