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Feeling dissatisfied with his uneventful life in a society based on corporate culture, consumerism and faked happiness, Pablo, a typical Italian family man, is experiencing a mid-life crisis. He needs answers nobody in his circle of friends and relatives is able to provide. Only his best friend Rico, an escapist who had left everything behind years before, to pursue an adventurous and exciting lifestyle in Asia, might be able to help him.

His arrival in Bangkok coincides with Rico?s two weeks annual leave, to be spent backpacking in Rakhaing, a Burmese state little visited. Pablo, an inexperienced traveler totally new to off-the-beaten-path Asia, has no choice but to follow him. The journey is filled with odd traveling adventures, erotic exploits and occasional epiphanies. Medieval Rakhaing, vividly described with the eyes of an Asia's "old hand", becomes the exotic background for their intimate discussions. Loosened by Burmese rum and marihuana-laced cookies, the two old friends revisit their past and compare their life experiences, beliefs and morals. Pablo, far from being a passive disciple, evaluates and often fiercely debate Rico's answers and his eccentric, yet irrefutable wisdom.
The story ends on the aftermath of a final boys' night out in Yangon, where Rico plunges deep into the dark side of the capital?s sleazy nightlife (possibly never described before), trying to break Pablo?s moral compass and free his mind from any Western prejudices. The epilogue is Rico?s grand finale, which either completes or disproves every concept emerged throughout the book.