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Dreams can go one of two ways. Either they are realized through hard work and perseverance or just plain luck, or they can be destroyed by never coming to fruition or by someone else with evil intent. Doug Harriman had a dream. Having graduated from college as arguably the best basketball player ever to play the game, his dream was looking forward to a brilliant NBA career.

One fateful day, his dream was shattered, changing his life forever. Susan Bennett had always been a Doug Harriman fan starting in high school, all the way through college. Actually, she had a one-sided love affair with Doug that seemed destined to be an unattainable dream of her own. She never gave up on him, even after his career was ended and he was sentenced to prison for the rest of his life for a double murder he didn?t commit. Against all odds, he escaped while being transported to prison to serve out his sentence. He hid for five years until someone finally recognized him. Thankfully, miraculously, it was Susan. After she confronted him, urging him to return and clear his name, to earn back his life instead of forever running away, he had a decision to make. Well, he made it.

Together, Doug and Susan attempt to do the impossible, reverse a court decision and sentence that seemed airtight, beyond question, unbreakable. As Susan finds the love she thought would never happen and Doug finds love that was never going to be, they come up against evil conspirators who will stop at nothing to stop their investigation. Enlisting aid from a past enemy, they struggle to learn the truth, evading the best efforts of those wanting to eliminate them as they narrow in on the real perpetrators and a future of redemption, freedom and true love.

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