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This is a unique and imaginative offering of 17 Business and IT stories. This includes works from In Small Doses 1-3 as well as two new stories.

* Severity 1 Bride (From In Small Doses #3) - IT Guys and Gals come with baggage from a dating perspective. Find out why.
* The Stale Hotel (New!) This hotel will not stop at nothing until each customer gives them a perfect store.
* Layer 20 (From In Small Doses #1) - Another happy Friday and that means a reappearance of that pesky network problem that
just wont get solved.
* Time Served (From In Small Doses #1) - A journal written from the shadows about serving an unusual prison sentence. Or is
* The IT Wife (From In Small Doses #1)? Information Technology deployments and the toll it takes on families.
* Never Go Down with an Issue (From In Small Doses #2) - The personal costs of doing the right thing for one business
* My Favorite Burnout Stories (From In Small Doses #2) - A gathering of editors over poker to tell their best story on a
given topic. All this to win the overflowing pot.
* Sunken Costs (From In Small Doses #2) - A new space business venture gets started. Inspired by the experiences of the
Jamestown Colony
* For Profit (From In Small Doses #3) - Life in a company that makes all of their profits off their employees.
* Demo Curse (From In Small Doses #3) - Giving a sales demo during a disaster.
* The Conference (From In Small Doses #3) - All he had to do was go into the office that day...
* Ninja Boss (From In Small Doses #3) - A manager disappears and appears at will knowing everything about you.
* On Call (From In Small Doses #3) - Suppose the next call that you pick up may be your last?
* Airport Species (From In Small Doses #3) - The consequences of short- and long-term exposure to airports.
* Going Down with the Ship (From In Small Doses #3) - A tale of technological fads told through receipts.
* Stress Stupid (New!) The things that we do when exhausted may come back to haunt us.
* Scared Spit New (From In Small Doses #3) - What happens when the success bar is continuously raised.

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