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Spirited Souls is comprised of three meaningful tales that capture the essence of family perseverance, and portray the trials and tribulations of young men in their coming of age moments. Each story is, in part, themed toward the appreciation of Mother Nature and her natural glory.

Faith, Love and Moonshine: An Appalachian Tale - Frank Jamison is a proud Appalachian man who relies heavily on his moonshining business to help his family endure the harsh and uneconomical times of the 1920s. However, when he finds out the local authorities and federal revenuers are out to dismantle his operation for the second time in three years, grave memories resurface for the seasoned moonshiner, ones that could very well ignite an old-fashioned backwoods shoot out.

Our Time Together - Young Jimmy Harrison and his zany father, Allan, are about to set forth on an exciting hunting adventure, one that each is sure to remember for many years to come. While faced with tragedy and heartache many years later, the grown Jim Harrison reminisces and indeed comes to understand just how special that hunting trip with his father really was.

Ripple in the Moonlight - Three young men are gearing up on the last day of school to embark on what has become a highly anticipated camping trip. However, when poor decisions are made and the envelope is pushed, their outdoor experience turns dark and goes horribly awry, resulting in tragic events that will change their young lives forever.

*This ebook is approximately 43 standard book pages and intended for young adult readers and older.

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