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? That?s all, Pasha, thank you. I?ll do myself now.
? What do you mean ?yourself?? I?ll give you a lift.
He was surprised. She looked intently at him... and said:
? Pasha, well, you know that nothing of this was real...
After a pause, she added:
? You know that you pulled me dead out of the car.
Pavel said nothing.
? It?s time for you to go... Come, the living are there... behind you... Thank you. I?ve done what I wanted.
She turned her back on him and left. Pavel stood watching her. She raised her hand and waved at him without turning around. Pavel stood watching until her figure merged with the darkness of the night.

She?s right ? nothing of that was real. There was a completely different story...
I pulled her dead out of the car and screamed in pain for a long time. I loved that person so much and had to meet her like that. I hugged her, smearing blood on my jacket, and saw a notebook next to her. I don?t know why, but I took it. The title page stated: ?Actress?s diary?. I put it in the inside pocket of my jacket. When the ambulance arrived, I got in the car and left. Then I stopped at the curb and began to read. I read everything and was shocked. I had some doubts: maybe, it was a murder? The diary contained everything: about deputies, what they do in reality, about higher ranks of the country and our celebrities ? addicts and perverts. No, it was a really tragic accident. The girl broke away from her mother and ran out into the road. To save a child?s life, Elena twisted the wheel and smashed into a truck. The girl whom she saved is going to become an actress; her name is Elena, as her grief-stricken mother said. I did not understand only one thing: why does my neighbor Semyon, a rare drunk, live? Let him live, of course. But people who are so few are no longer with us and will never be. Of course, you can ponder over it for ages! But... there is no such desire. I watched her movies many times. I cried and laughed, I was happy and said. It was so sincere and incorruptible! In general, I lived a life!