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What would you do if you were stuck outside your hotel room and your keycard wasn't working then a perfect god coincidentally comes your way? What would you say when he conveniently invites you into his room 'just next door'? Give thanks to Heaven? Or be a good girl and politely decline his chivalrous offer?
I don't think so ;)

"Come in." He smiled, opening his door and waiting for her to enter. Such a gentleman. Isabelle smiled and walked in obediently, feeling awkward, nervous, yet very keen. He could do anything to her for all she cared. Perhaps it'll be worth the gamble ? she knew she'd marry him tomorrow if he proposed, she'd have his baby and not care if he disappeared across the horizon. His perfection made him worth it.

The god closed the door and hung his blazer neatly in his wardrobe. Such self control somehow increased her apprehension ? made her want him more, made her want him to hurry up and do more to her. He smiled to her warmly. He knew his patience had the effect of anticipation on her. Isabelle stood with her hands clasped in front of her, like some naughty schoolgirl. She suddenly felt hot in her navy blue blazer and bare in her knee length corporate skirt. Was her left stocking slipping down her thigh??? Isabelle felt a little too shy to take off her blazer, she tugged at the hem. [...]

"I want to see you naked. Let me undress you." He said confidently, as if he simply requested a document.
Isabelle couldn't help but blush and smile, letting a little cringing whine. The very thought of being stripped naked by this hot stranger within five minutes before even knowing his name felt terribly embarrassing yet unbelievably liberating. She was certain now something was going to happen ? and the pluming tingles deep inside her vagina now thundered at the thought. Thank God ? that something is going to happen tonight, with him.

"You don't mind do you?" He smiled as he walked casually toward her, no tension or aggression in his body. He might as well have been crossing the room without any sexual plans whatsoever. Somehow ? this patience and self control, relaxed her ? but still the shyness could not be abated. [...]

The god crouched and unzipped her skirt from behind, and quickly tugged it to her ankles. Somehow in the speed and intensity of the stripping ? there was control, order, power. He smirked up at her before tugging her panties to her ankles, amidst the skirt. The tingles burned deep inside her and surged through her entire naked body, pricking her nipples up, as he stared at her mons veneris, before kissing it slowly and softly, then downward over that little 'line' wherein lays tucked the hood and the lovebud. [...]

"You're trying to be clever." Isabelle said, trying to sound in control, her voice was hoarse and dry, slightly tremulous with excitement. She swallowed as she finished her pathetic little sentence. His smirk made her swallow again. He gazed up and down her body and simply said, raising his eyebrows with a nonchalant iniquity:

"I know." Then winked. [...]

Life is like a box of chocolates ? you never know what you'll get ;)
Enjoy the Series!

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