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The Adventures of Maya the Bee by Waldemar BonselsA little bee is born in a large and busy hive. At that time, the hive is going through a period of unrest and there are fears that it will become subdivided into separate colonies. The little new-born, Maya, is under the care of a strict but loving teacher. One day, driven by curiosity and rebellion, Maya escapes from the safe environs of the hive and flies into the forest. Here, she encounters all sorts of interesting, exciting, frightening and funny things. The Adventures of Maya the Bee is the story of the intriguing days that follow.While she echoed the romantic natural themes of her times, her style was much more free and irregular, causing many to criticize her and editors to correct her. In the early 20th century, when poetic style had become much looser, new audiences learned to appreciate her work. Here collected are many of her most contemplative, most rebellious, and dark works, expressing her frustrations with the behavioral confines of her times, and the confines of being human and unknowing of eternity.Anthony Hope, or Sir Anthony Hope Hawkins, to give his real name, was an extremely prolific British novelist and playwright. However, he is almost always associated only with his most famous book, The Prisoner of Zenda, published in 1893. He did write one sequel entitled Rupert of Hentzau in 1894. The amazing success of the books allowed him to retire and devote himself to writing full time. Readers thoroughly enjoyed the fast-paced style of writing, the witty and irreverent young hero and the touch of tragedy at the end of both books. Hope went on to write several books of historical fiction, set in various European kingdoms, both big and small.Besides novels, Alger wrote poetry, essays and articles for various magazines. His work in rehabilitation and assistance to the underprivileged kids of New York is well-known. He left several unfinished books which were completed according to his last will and testament by Edward Stratemeyer, the creator of the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew series.The story sets into motion when a young shepherd boy discovers a dragon residing in a cave near his family home and village. Having read many stories concerning dragons, the young boy has adopted an open-minded attitude toward the feared creature, and quickly befriends the dragon. Moreover, the dragon demonstrates a love for poetry which confirms his intelligence and civility, and also gives an account of his life. However, the townspeople soon learn of the dragons dwelling and things quickly escalate, as they perceive him as a danger to them all and a problem that needs to be dealt with accordingly. Although the young boy welcomes him with open arms, the townspeople, on the other hand, are not convinced of its harmless intentions and unanimously agree that the beast should be vanquished. Subsequently, St. George arrives and is appointed the task of ridding the town of its unwelcome guest. So, St. George, the dragon, and the shepherd boy are thrown into a thrilling predicament, as they must join forces and come up with a solution that will fulfill everyones wishes.This ebook include the original and unabridged content.