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The old institutions have failed. Greedy corporations and the power elite control everything, and those who have all the money and power also control the government and media. The truth is so buried no one really knows what the truth is anymore. The rich are getting richer and the rest us are their debt slaves. But the youth and their technology have come to level the playing field.

Neil Reese is a young programmer in a dead end life. After his online friends join him in a rant against a bad retailer, they stumble onto something they didn't know they have... choice.

United under a common goal they create a consumer activist group called the Consortium, and Neil creates a new social networking site they can call home. They begin to take on greedy corporations and the wealthy with the only weapon they have, conscious consumerism, and the online membership begins to grow. They use flash mobs, email blitzes, social media and boycotts, and soon become the hottest thing on the internet, their numbers climbing into the millions. The Consortiumsite gets so big that corporations can no longer withstand a member ratified boycott and are forced to change or feel the financial pinch of 100 million dissatisfied and angry consumers.

But the power elite have been watching, and they soon decide the Consortium must be stopped. What ensues is life or death struggle with the wealthy, war-mongering, mega-corporate crap-holes that have been plaguing the lanet since the invention of economics.

Join in with the online hordes as they take on big corporations and bring about a much-needed change in the corporate culture of America. Share in the danger as the power elite resort to kidnapping, torture and murder to get what they want. Help uncover the biggest conspiracy to control everything on the planet, and take part in taking it down. Come cast your vote with the Consortium and see what its like to finally do something to equalize the income gap and make the world a better place for everyone.

This story is extremely pertinent to the times. With the success of social networking with sites like Facebook and Twitter and the movie The Social Network winning major movie awards, social networking has arrived and is the centerpiece of this fictional story.

Possessing all the elements of a Hollywood movie, The Consortium parallels recent events like the Occupy Movement and the Arab Spring revolts almost as if these real-life events were taken from its pages.The world can change and the possibility has never been riper. The old institutions have failed and the youth and their technology want things to change... and they don?t seem to be taking no for an answer.