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This meticulously edited collection of George Orwell's Critical Writings is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents: Thoughts on England: Down the Mine North and South Democracy in the British Army The Lion and the Unicorn Antisemitism in Britain In Defence of English Cooking Decline of the English Murder Politics and the English Language Reflections on War and Society: Spilling the Spanish Beans Not Counting Niggers Prophecies of Fascism Wells, Hitler and the World State Looking Back on the Spanish War Who Are the War Criminals? Future of a Ruined Germany Revenge is Sour You and the Atomic Bomb Notes on Nationalism Catastrophic Gradualism Freedom of the Park How the Poor Die In Front of Your Nose Views on Literature, Art & Famous Men: In Defence of the Novel Notes on the Way Charles Dickens Charles Reade Inside The Whale Literature and Totalitarianism The Art of Donald Mcgill Rudyard Kipling W. B. Yeats Mark Twain Raffles and Miss Blandish Arthur Koestler Benefit of Clergy: Some Notes on Salvador Dali Good Bad Books Nonsense Poetry In Defence of P. G. Wodehouse Politics vs. Literature Confessions of a Book Reviewer The Prevention of Literature Lear, Tolstoy and the Fool Writers and Leviathan Reflections on Gandhi Book Reviews: Mein Kampf Personal Record The Totalitarian Enemy The Development of William Butler Yeats Miscellaneous Writings: A Farthing Newspaper The Spike A Hanging Bookshop Memories Shooting an Elephant Marrakech New Words Boys' Weeklies and Frank Richards's Reply Poetry and the Microphone The Sporting Spirit A Good Word for the Vicar of Bray A Nice Cup of Tea Pleasure Spots Riding Down from Bangor Some Thoughts on the Common Toad James Burnham and the Managerial Revolution Why I Write Books vs. Cigarettes Such, Such Were the Joys As I Please

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