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A true sci fi techno Thriller

Cyber War Conspiracy sketches a frightening conspiracy in the framework of a worldwide cyber war. A scenario that could become reality. In brutal detail the author describes how the superpowers try to control and rule the world. Murder and intrigue in the world of chip technology!

About me, the project and stuff behind

Curiously? You want to read more? You find a short description here or you can read the excerpt which will give you a good first impression of my book. If you want to read the whole book, you must wait until I have raised enough money for the translation from German into English. If you want to support the project please follow the link indicated in the e-book (only preview!).

I have published this book as Indie Author and the original title is "Die Nanolithografie". You can buy it as print and E-Book everywhere, worldwide -until now only in German!

The Story

Marc Jansen works or the firm Technology News Research as a specialist on semiconductor technology. While preparing a market analysis on network chips for Victor Navarro?s office that specializes in the international law on patents, he learns that Orlando Lopez, famous for his work in the area of quantum computer science and semiconductor physics, has been found dead in a canal in Bangkok. It is alleged that he took to his watery grave a scientific sensation.

When Marc Jansen unexpectedly gets an offer of first-hand collaboration with Navarro?s office, he suddenly sees the possibility of immediately changing his life, which till then had been rather boring. The first assignment he is to work on is, of all things, research for an international consortium into the alleged discovery Lopez was working on up to his death.

With no hesitation Marc resigns from his job and agrees to take it on. For the task the mysterious South American woman Lana de Vries is assigned as his partner. A bizarre contest to find Lopez?s alleged discovery starts. The maelstrom Marc and Lana are caught up in is one of murder, corruption, and intrigue that goes right up to the highest nerve centres of international powers.

Opinions from reviews
An exciting, up-to-date scientific thriller that could well occupy a sure spot in the genre ?thriller?. With his book the author sets up a frightening scenario of spying in the world of science. (Amazon)

In the battle for power a human life counts for nothing ? an explosive theme well presented (Lovelybooks)

This first novel contains all the classical elements of a thriller. It is concerned just as much with research, quantum computer science and semiconductor technology as with plots, corruption, and murder! (Magazine for Computer Technology c´t 1/15)

Please read the extract and support!

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