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Everyone knew the story of Kastory Impan... the first Martian on earth, or did they?


If this account reaches the eyes of Martians and may seem to them rather boastful and impertinent, I give them this reason: I have written spaceship, this in answer to Markin Lavlo's book, "Martian Superiority." It is merely a gentle reminder that beyond the remarkable flight of the First Martian, we Tellurians can claim to be the pioneers of space.

It must not be thought that we of earth in any way minimize the great and historical space flight of the Pioneer. Far from it. We are as quick in our homage to his dead body and everlasting spirit in the museum at the spot of landing as his fellow-Martians themselves. The foregoing has prepared the reader for the story of the arrival of Kastory Impan, the First Martian, or the Pioneer, whose name is held today in reverence by the peoples of two great worlds.

There are numerous other accounts of the arrival, but none have gone back into the past to show the connection between scientific research in transmutation and interplanetary flight; a point. I think, directly connected to the first space flight and subsequent establishment of commercial relationship. It is true, that without the flight of Dr. Sven's ship, the Earth would still be as far ahead ; the Martians would still have come, but that does not detract from the honor and glory forever associated with the names of Professor Wilhelm Riehm, the founder of the science of transmutation, and Dr. Jarl Svens, who developed it. I challenge Martia, the super race of Mars, to bring up a scientist to compare with either of these two:

And I may add that quite by accident I came across the little sub-plot which goes with story of the arrival of the First Martian. I'm certain no one ever heard of Gregory Stewart before.