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Our planet was once a paradise to all creatures who inhabited it. And then . . .humans arrived. Today, the stresses on our planet ? not just on human beings, but also, and critically, on all the systems upon which life relies ? are too many to count, and too dire to ignore. Dr. VM Parikh has deep faith in the human psyche and spirt, and believes that each and every one of us is capable of saving this planet. Paradise Project teaches us how.After dreaming about paradise ? not as a futurist idyll that can exist only in the realm of fantasy, but as something that can be attained and experienced in our own lifetime ? young Aaron becomes convinced that he must lead efforts to achieve these visions. He persuades three friends to join him in this mission. Through debate and discussion, the group of four learn how, through tapping into their truest, purest consciousness, they can begin to walk along a path that takes them from inner peace to collaborative action. The Paradise Project spreads like wild-fire, quickly becoming a worldwide movement. This book is the product of Dr. V.M Parikh's search to understand how people came to live out healthy and happy lives in pockets of paradise on earth. He explored ancient literature, myths, and legends in search of a common thread. He consulted diverse communities - aboriginal, ethnic, and religious - to get at the philosophical basis and secrets of these ever-happy communities. It is in this book that he reveals these secrets. What caused the loss of paradise on earth? The Paradise Project is an ambitious effort to stop the rapid, seemingly uncontrollable slide of our planet into self-destruction. The Paradise Project assumes that we are all desirous, and capable of change ? of being active agents of the kind of transformation we each think needs to unfold.