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Councillor Zorell Norwell lives in a divided country on the planet of Terra. She is a Pioneer while the opposing government are called Theists. They are humans too but their values and life philosophies are based on ancient superstitions that have been long discarded by the modern society of the North Redstone enclave in which she lives. Nothing can be proved but researchers suggest that the humans come from another world beyond the clouds.

At an emergency council meeting, Zorell is surprised to see a Theist bishop named Cyrano Palas there. Why is an enemy official there? He gives them an ancient script that tells of secret bases that hold the key to their world's history.

Though suspicious of the bishop's reason for giving them the script she sets out with three companions, Evan, Corban and an elderly Lei to find the closest base.

On the way they are surprised by a swarm of gigantic bees that appear to be intelligent. The bees lead Zorell to a Theist village where they rescue a slave girl Anneke. Anneke has befriended the bees who join their expedition and show them the way to the first secret base. Inside there is a hovercraft that is controlled by a computer, something Zorell has never heard of before.

They learn how to operate the hovercraft and set out to find the rest of their ancestors' secrets. However, Palas has anticipated their moves and an army of Theist close in on them. The enemy, though have not counted on Zorell's new ally, the bees or the strange power of the hovercraft itself.
After almost being captured they find they have travelled through time itself back to when their ancestors first arrived on Terra. Now they must find out why their ancestors withheld the truth and the knowledge of modern technology from them all those generations before.

Not one but two worlds that are changed forever by their discoveries and fortitude. But have they unwittingly unleashed a power their ancestors tried to protect them from and is it too late to save humanity?

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