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Fed up with habitual criminals using prison as a temporary hotel? Directus Iurisdictio has an ancient alternative. Sean Fagan of SOCA is sent undercover to investigate the dark structure of a secret network that executes habitual criminals, dishonest MPs, greedy bankers and spying policeman.Fagan is drawn into a web of deceit as he goes undercover to investigate the dark and secret structures of Directus Iurisdictio, Direct Justice. Dismissing the criminal judicial system as not fit for purpose, a system which repeatedly allows prisoners free to re-offend, Directus Iurisdictio evokes its own ancient system of social retribution. The crime rate plummets as habitual rapists, burglars, paedophiles and other career criminals die or vanish without trace.Enticed by two beautiful sisters who he suspects are members of DI, Fagan gets close enough to discover involvement of senior Whitehall officials using Directus Iurisdictio to save the judicial system billions. When Fagan does not join them as expected they order his immediate execution. Knowing Directus Iurisdictio has infiltrated the police, SIS and Government he is trapped in a world of sinister forces. Only his own determination and skill can extract him.