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All preceding civilizations managed to properly care for her and were disciplined in the use of her resources. Modern man inherited clean air, water pure and sweet, rich soils and nature in abundance and balance! In 1824 Joseph Fourier alerted the world to the realization of climate change. A condition caused by the ill-thought ideas and practices of arrogant, ignorant, greedy BT males lacking respect for Earth! He warned that immediate changes were essential to prevent further corrosion of her! The winter wrath that spread across Europe between 1829 and 1830 was an occurrence that validated his assessments, projections and gave weight to his warnings! But still they refused to heed and continued to abuse and oppress Earth and her daughters! It's taken so-called 'modern' man less than three hundred years to commit the most heinous and catastrophic acts of environmental mismanagement in the history of the universe. They continue to travel about Earth as though she's their personal possession and for their purposes! In defiance they, along with a few ATs, refuse to recognize the superiority and necessity of Earth and the feminine. They continue to treat her, as well as, her daughters and their children with utmost contempt! Greenhouse gases exceeded acceptable levels decades ago. Now we've exceeded the 'red' zone! The atmosphere's become toxic to her, the elderly and the young! Earth's terminally sick with an illness created by BT males motivated by the Bahleide. So there's little hope for mankind! They're unaware we've run out of time, the reckoning's arrived and is occurring! Soon the conspiracy will be revealed and many TRUTHS exposed!