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?Any ideas?? How often have you heard or said something like that? Most of the problems that we face force us to think about new ways of solving problems. Be it complicated design solutions, or simple riddles that we encounter in our free time, the world requires us to use our creativity. It is what has taken us so far.

But creativity is very often not well understood. People often talk about it with an aura of mysticism; as if it were some sort of magical property; as if ideas ?came from? somewhere; as if you would not be able to understand it, but that by applying some almost superstitious practices, you would gain access to it. Some say that magic is the explanation we use when we do not understand something.

Instead of that, we want to make you understand creativity. By knowing a bit more about how your brain works, you will be able to enhance your creativity, and that of those around you. Not because you will be applying some trick, but because you will be understanding what is happening.

We take pride in basing this book on scientific evidence. The authors have carried out research in this area, but have also read extensively the works of other authors. We will be sharing with you the most modern theories - and the older ones that have stood the test of time. In some books, you will find authors that shared what has worked for them, without understanding why. We will make sure you know what is behind the curtain all the time.

In other words: we will not be talking about magic remedies, we will not give you any unexplained tricks, and we will not ask you to just take our word for it. We want to make sure you understand creativity.