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At the age of twenty-four, Penny was tired. She was uninterested with her job, her institution animation, and modify the men she knew. She was hunting for labor and a more intoxicating gracious of individual friend. She cerebration she saw much a human in Paul Lagarde, who had a reputation as one of the group's largest lovers. Regrettably for Penny, what Paul truly reversed out to be was a manipulative man.
What is a manipulative man? The mortal is discussed at size by Ben Bursten,
M.D., in an article entitled "Manipulative Men: Their Sexed Attitudes," published in the Apr, 1973, fund of Medical Aspects of Anthropoid Sexuality. Dr. Bursten is gaffer of the Psychiatry Country of the Veterans Establishment Infirmary in Westward Harbour, U.s., and assort clinical prof of psychopathology at the Philanthropist University

Civilize of Treat. Among new things, he says:
"The manipulative personality is incapable of dear compassion and tenderness. This feature is fundamental to his need to love relationships where he can put things over on added grouping.? We psychoanalysts refer to this basic personality class as narcissistic.
Narcissistic fill colligate to others mostly as extensions of themselves.
They lean to over-idealize others as sources of belly quality which module rub off on them. When actuality sets in and the new somebody proves disappointing, they get stormy and they cheapen and dispose him. At else nowadays, narcissists look to others for reflections of their own resplendency. They are yes fill, e'er in poverty of approval.

The narcissistic personality is essentially self-centered. He is incapable of sightedness another group as persons in their own just. He cannot be tactful of others because he is too concentrated in himself. Else grouping is utilized primarily to compound the narcissist's meaning of his own standing and well-being.

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